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Ep. 029 – Trade with Egypt, Conflict with Carthage

In this installment, we continue to follow the Greeks as they expand yet further. Our first destination is Egypt, where the Greek emporion at Naukratis was set up by a diverse group of mercenaries and traders. The recently discovered port of Thonis-Heraklion also makes an appearance, and we see that mercenary sailors worked for the pharaoh at various times. Greece also… Read more →

Ep. 021.5 – The Report of Wenamun

Here is our supplemental episode connected to Episode 021. It’s a pretty straightforward reading of the Report of Wenamun, so please enjoy! http://traffic.libsyn.com/maritimehistorypodcast/Wenamun_Supp.mp3 Download | RSS | iTunes | Patreon | Leave a Review The Report of Wenamun Year 5, fourth month of summer, day 16, the day of departure of Wenamun, the Elder of the Portal of the Temple of Amun, Lord of Thrones-of-the-Two- Lands,… Read more →


Ep. 010 – Taking Care of Business (on the Nile)

In today’s episode we’re going to look at the evidence of heavy-transport shipping throughout Egypt’s history. Their many monumental building projects required the transportation of staggering amounts of material, and there is evidence from Pliny the Elder and Herodotus that much of this transport was accomplished by shipping up and down the Nile. We’ll look at the various theories for… Read more →