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Hannibal – Patrick N. Hunt

Title: Hannibal Author: Patrick N. Hunt Genre: Biography/History Publisher: Simon & Schuster Release Date: July 11, 2017 Format: Hardcover Pages: 384 pages From the outset here, I’ll forgive you for questioning why a book about Hannibal is being reviewed on a podcast about maritime history. Initially I wasn’t even sure that there would be a substantial connection between the great… Read more →

Ep. 029 – Trade with Egypt, Conflict with Carthage

In this installment, we continue to follow the Greeks as they expand yet further. Our first destination is Egypt, where the Greek emporion at Naukratis was set up by a diverse group of mercenaries and traders. The recently discovered port of Thonis-Heraklion also makes an appearance, and we see that mercenary sailors worked for the pharaoh at various times. Greece also… Read more →

Ep. 025 – Carthage: A New (City) Hope

This week we follow the fleeing Elissa, princess of Tyre, to Qart-ḥadašt, the “New City” that would come into wider fame as Carthage. We start with some talk of the mythical founding of Carthage, some conjecture about when the city was really founded, and an overview of the city’s early growth. Then, we look at two Phoenician shipwrecks discovered over 33… Read more →