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Member Ep. 010 – Dolphins in Greek Myth

This is member episode number 010, and rather than a typical elaboration of a story or progression of history and related maritime topics, today we’re going to take a short stroll through a few myths from Greece, all related to dolphins. So, more of a topical approach you might say. There are enough stories and connections between dolphins and the… Read more →

Halloween Ep. – The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton

Welcome to our third annual Halloween special here at the Maritime History Podcast. Rather than choose a grim, frightening, or eery tale, this year I felt that a more lighthearted fare was in order. This story was written by an Englishman named Richard Middleton. It tells of a quiet countryside village named Fairfield where the townsfolk are as comfortable with… Read more →

Ep. 032 – The Letdown at Lade

If Episode 031 covered the heady, opening stages of the Ionian Revolt, then today’s episode covers the¬†denouement and rather anticlimactic conclusion of the revolt. At the start of the episode we follow Aristagoras as he goes on a recruiting trip to Sparta and Athens, using a world map to try and sway the Spartan king into joining the revolt. Athenian… Read more →