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Ep. 035 – The Eve of War

In today’s episode we take a look at the final moves that both Greece and Persia made on the eve of their war. Themistocles and Aristides take center stage as they maneuver through the political scene of Athens, but with the success of the Themistoclean naval policy, we discuss how the Greeks may have rapidly built up their navy. We… Read more →

Member Ep. 010 – Dolphins in Greek Myth

This is member episode number 010, and rather than a typical elaboration of a story or progression of history and related maritime topics, today we’re going to take a short stroll through a few myths from Greece, all related to dolphins. So, more of a topical approach you might say. There are enough stories and connections between dolphins and the… Read more →

Halloween Ep. – The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton

Welcome to our third annual Halloween special here at the Maritime History Podcast. Rather than choose a grim, frightening, or eery tale, this year I felt that a more lighthearted fare was in order. This story was written by an Englishman named Richard Middleton. It tells of a quiet countryside village named Fairfield where the townsfolk are as comfortable with… Read more →